Top 10 Football Clubs by Wages

Barcelona spent almost €530 million with wages, representing 77% of total revenue. Real Madrid expenses with salaries amounted to more than €430 million. Both Spanish clubs were the best in town when it comes to top salaries, particularly with football players.

While LaLiga is on the top of the table, the ranking with the 10 clubs by wages is dominated by Premier League, with 5 teams: both teams of Manchester, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

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One might say that money does not mean success on the pitch. But these are the clubs that usually appear on European finals, suggesting that money can really help you find the way to victory and eternal glory.

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Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale and many other top players can explain these numbers, as they are used to be on the top of these kind of wages rankings.

These figures were provided by UEFA, refferring to full year of 2018. It was the year when Real Madrid beated Liverpool in the Champions League final and the beggining of the successful campaign of the Reds.

There 3 clubs that don’t come from the Spanish LaLiga neither the English Premier League: PSG (Ligue1) has spent €337 million with wages, accounting for 62% of total revenue; Bayern München (Bundesliga) dedicated €315 million to pay salaries; and at the bottom of the table Juventus (Serie A) spent €261 million with wages.

As you can see, salaries play an important role in the finances of a club, representing the most relevant aspect of the spending side: if they want to be competitive on the pitch, they have to hire the best players, manager and staff.

Top 10 Football Clubs by Wages

1. Barcelona (Spain) – €529 million  (77% of total revenue)
2. Real Madrid (Spain) – €431 million (57%)
3. PSG (France) – €337 million (62%)
4. Manchester United (England) – €334 million (50%)
5. Bayern München (Germany) – €315 million (50%)
6. Manchester City (England) – €314 million (56%)
7. Liverpool (England) – €298 million (58%)
8. Chelsea (England) – €275 million (55%)
9. Arsenal (England) – €271 million (60%)
10. Juventus (Italy) €261 million (65%)

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