Tyson’s canabis company says giving name to Barcelona’s Camp Nou “is an amazing idea”

FC Barcelona announced last week an unprecedented step by selling the naming rights to the Camp Nou for the first time since the stadium opened in 1957.

Mike Tyson’s business partner Alki David said that is “an amazing idea” to buy the Camp Nou naming rights and give the name of their cannabis company.

If that happen, Barcelona iconic stadium could be renamed as Swissx Stadium. The company “provide plant medicine products in the concessions”.

“It’s a great stadium,” Alki David said to british television BBC. “It’s something we’ve specifically been looking for to adopt in our company and it seemed like an amazing idea”.

“My company is a cannabis company and Spain has a long tradition within the European Uunion as being a leader or a liberal in the road towards legalisation, so it’s evolved quite naturally.”

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Asked whether Barcelona’s reputation could be affected by having its stadium with a cannabis company name sponsoring it, David added: “That remains to be seen. The world is born on ideas.”

The Spanish club said it will sell next season’s rights and hand the proceeds to charitable activities and the fight against coronavirus.

Barcelona said that the money raised from the sale of the stadium naming rights will be used “to invest in research projects being carried out in Catalonia and the rest of the world involved in the fight against the effects of Covid-19.”

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