Serie A clubs generate €2.77 billion in revenues during 2018/2019

Italian Serie A clubs generated almost €2.8 billion in revenues during 2018/2019 season, representing a 13.5% growth comparing to the prior season.

TV rights revenues explain this financial performance in the last season, growing from €1.3 billion to €1.44 billion. It accounted for more than 50% of total revenues.

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According to an annual review from Serie A, clubs increased ther commercial revenues in €100 million, up to €650 million. Machtday income remained at €285 million. In other hand, clubs gained €350 million in other revenues.

Five major clubs — Juventus, Inter Milan, Roma, AC Milan and Napoli — were responsible for more than 57% of total revenues, having generated €1.5 billion last season.

This circumstance highlights the gap between the rich clubs and the poor clubs in the top league in Italy.

Juventus, the reigning champions, generated €494 million in revenues last season, which is more than ten times the turnover of Empoli.

Rise in wage costs

Altought Italian clubs were able to increase their revenues, they also faced a rise in their costs at a pace that still leaves theirs finances in the red overall.

Costs rose by more than €500 million to €3.54 billion, reflecting the rise in wage costs, up €300 million to €1.75 billion.

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This season, Serie A could face losses of €720 million if wouldn’t be able to finish the current season due to coronavirus outbreak in the country, according to an estimate from Deloitte.

In Bundesliga, for instance, the 18 clubs from the top-tier German league generated combined turnover of €4.02 billion, a growth of 5.4 percent over the previous season’s figure. It was the 15th successive year of record revenue.

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