Italian Serie A faces €720 million due to Covid-19 outbreak

Italian Serie A could face losses of €720 million if wouldn’t be able to finish the current season due to coronavirus outbreak in the country, according to an estimate from Deloitte.

Gazetta dello Sport reported that should Serie A be able to complete the season, losses would stand at €170 million.

Main European league are now suspended for some time, as Covid-19 spreads in most of countries. The new virus has already infected more than 320,000 people around the world, causing more the 14,000 deaths.

Italian clubs are studdying several options to mitigate the economic impact from coronavirus without Government help. The options on the table include alterations to new stadium regulations, streamlining bureaucracy and revising the ban on commercial partnerships with the betting industry.

Serie A to resume in May

Althought Covid-19 is hitting Italy hard, Sports minister, Vicenzo Spadafora, hopes that Serie A can resume in the beginning of May.

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Spadafora explained the updated plan, including a late decision on whether or not games would be played behind closed doors, depending on the situation at the time.

I believe that Serie A can return on 3rd May“, he said. “Then we will evaluate whether it’s played behind closed doors, or open to the public”.

“This formula will then be added to international competitions, like the Champions League and Europa League”.

Spadafora also confirmed that clubs will be exempt from having to make payments to the government for the coming period, to ease the worries of cashflow after matches were postponed.

We have suspended all tax obligations until 30th May for all sports federations and for all other sports activities“.

“We have suspended the rents of all state-owned structures and we have provided a one-off payment of €600 for tens of thousands of sports collaborators all around Italy and who work in small Italian companies”.

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