Top 10 Most Expensive Football Managers Deals 2020

Sporting Lisbon confirmed this week the hiring of young coach Ruben Amorim, paying to Sp. Braga €10 million. It’s the third biggest deal in the history of football envolving managers, according to website Football Finance.

It’s not usual clubs deal managers as if they were players. However, it’s something that had became often last years, as owners realized that it’s also important to invest in the best managers to develop and otpimize players performance.

Regarding Ruben Amorim, 35, the Portuguese manager move from Braga to Lisbon with Sporting paying €10 million by transfer the money in two tranches of €5 million, plus VTA and interest.

It’s an interesting move taking into account that Ruben Amorim started his career as a top manager only few matches ago. It’s also a big bet from Sporting, investing €10 million in a new coach.

There are only two deals of this kind that were more expensive. In 2011, after winning Europa League and Portuguese League with FC Porto, Andre Villas-Boas moved to London. Chelsea paid €15 million to have Villas-Boas. Another massive deal: Brendan Rodgers, who moved from Celtic Glasgow to Leicester for €10,5 million in 2019.

Brendan Rodgers is used to this kind of deals. He was hired back in 2012 by Liverpool, after reds paid €6,2 million to buy him from Swansea. Few years ago, in 2009, Swansea paid €6 million to buy Rodgers from Reading.

José Mourinho is also used be envolved in big deals. In 2004, Chelsea paid €6 million for the Portuguese coach, who had just won Champions League with FC Porto. Years later, Mourinho “gave” €8 million to Inter Milan, after completed the move to Real Madrid in 2010.

Merengues also paid for hiring Manuel Pellegrini (2009) and Carlo Ancelotti (2013).

Top 10 Most Expensive Football Managers Deals 2020

  1. André Villas-Boas – FC Porto/Chelsea – €15 million (2011)
  2. Brendan Rodgers – Celtic/Leicester – €10,5 million (2019)
  3. Rúben Amorim – Sp. Braga/Sporting Lisbon – €10 million (2020)
  4. José Mourinho – Inter Milan/Real Madrid – €8 million (2010)
  5. Mark Hughes – Blackburn/Manchester City – €6,2 million (2008)
  6. Brendan Rodgers – Swansea/Liverpool – €6,2 million (2012)
  7. José Mourinho – FC Porto/Chelsea – €6 million (2004)
  8. Brendan Rodgers – Reading/Swansea – €6 million (2009)
  9. Manuel Pellegrini – Villarreal/Real Madrid – €4 million (2009)
  10. Carlo Ancelotti – PSG/Real Madrid – €3,8 million (2013)

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