Sponsporship deals in Italian Serie A 2020

Sponsporhip deals in Italian Serie A worth up to €116.0 milion per year to the 20 clubs in the top tier league in Italy, according to Finance Football.

If you think that top clubs as Juventus, Inter Milan or Napoli have the biggest deals, you are wrong. Yes, you are wrong. That’s because the “most valuable shirt” belongs to modest Sassuolo. The club of the centre of the Province of Modena, Emilia-Romagna region, receives €18.0 million fromm its unique sponsor, Mapei

After Sassuolo, Juventus ranks in second. The deal with Fiat (the onwers of Vecchia Signora) gives to Juventus €17 million every season. Fiat is the Italian carmaker that produces the Jeep cars, the brand that usually appear in the front of Vecchia Signora jerseys.

In the third place in the ranking are AC Milan an AS Rome. Both clubs have sponsorship deals with Arabian airlines. In the first case, Emirates sponsors AC Milan. AS Rome counts on Qatar Airways to be in the front of its jersey. For this, AC Milan and AS Rome receives €14.0 million. It’s important to notice this: for Roman figures, we also have to add the money that the Japanese carmaker Hyundai pays to have its logo in the back of the jersey.

From Milan, Inter comes in the 5th place in the ranking. Inter has a long partnership with tire manufacturer Pirelli. Everyone knows the iconic jersey of Inter Milan. The deal is worth €10.5 million per season.

Another historic club, Napoli FC comes in 6th place. The sponsorship deal with Acqua Lette has a return of €9.0 million each season to the Napolitan team. Besides Lete, Napoli has deals with MSC and Kimbo.

Del Piero and Ronaldo in 1999.

One of the most important team in Calcio, Lazio has no sponsor this season. Lazio is the only club in Serie A in that situation. Another important club, Sampdoria only receives half million with the sponsorship deals with the Invent and Ibsa.

Three sponsors — Mediacom, Estra and Prima.it — worth €6.5 million to Fiorentina. The team from the city of Florence is in the 7th place in the ranking.

Torino, the other Calcio club based in the city of Turin, has four sponsors (Suzuki, Beretta, Edilizia Acrobatica and Wüber) in deals worth €5 million, the same amount that Atalanta can “score” with the deals with Radici, Gewiss, UPower and Automba.

Check out the ranking.

Sponsporship deals in Italian Serie A 2020

  1. Sassuolo – Mapei (€18.0 million)
  2. Juventus – Fiat (€17.0 million)
  3. AC Milan – Emirates (€14.0 million)
  4. AS Rome – Qatar Airways (€14.0 million)
  5. Inter Milan – Pirelli (€10.5 million)
  6. Napoli – Acqua Lete (€9.0 million)
  7. Fiorentina – Mediacom (€6.5 million)
  8. Torino – Suzki (€5 million)
  9. Atalanta – Radici (€5 million)
  10. Cagliari – Regione Sardegna (€4 million)
  11. Udinese – Dacia (€2.5 million)
  12. Bologna – Liu Jo (€2.2 million)
  13. Brescia – Ubi Banca (€2.0 million)
  14. Parma – Cetilar (€1.8 million)
  15. Lecce – Moby (€1.5 million)
  16. Verona – Sinergy (€1.0 million)
  17. SPAL – Omega (€0.7 million)
  18. Genoa – Zentiva (€0.7 million)
  19. Sampdoria – Invent (€0.5 million)
  20. Lazio – None (€0 million)

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